Friday, 11 May 2012

Tutorial not mine

Everybody talking about square scarf..and I know It's a hit, when everyone keeps talking here there..So I bought one just because people have to have one..hahaha..and the tutorial is all over the internet..I tried so many's end up with 'hish..napa ko macam muka mama2 nih' oh my husband..u not so supportive at all..And i keep saying..why this peopleeee look pretty wearing ittt...whyyyyy...then it hit me 'not everything you look pretty on people will look pretty on you..' hokeh..I get it..I just put it away..*kinda put it away from my husband sight or else he will say 'I told you not to buy anything online..' but i am so in love with the pattern and the abstract of my square hijab..I guess I have to find a way so my hubby will like it without saying I look like a granny..

I just try the turban style..I don't know what it call..and i like it, my husband like it..and it looks like 60's to me..all the 60's is what I love..haha..then a friend of mine ask me to do the tutorial..(I bought the square scarf from her..ngeh..later give u the link to her site..) which is I don't think i can't do..I try so many time, but i hate to see my face doing the tutorial..haha..(I don't know what to do with my face when my hands doing the job, I don't know what to say when my eyes concentrate watching my hands..hahahaha)

there it go...the 1,2,3 step..I hope it help you guys..

Now I have reason to love this square scarf..(people call it tudung BAWAL..haha) 
This scarf I bought in Kiki E-Shop ---click here..

and my sister said i look like this
And i still okay, coz I am a strong woman..hahaha..


  1. !yey ini mau yang santai2 ni besiap..but i like it mcm org dulu-dulu..and suit ur personality dear

    1. simple and ringkas..sure you will like it..