Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hey plus sized lady

Hey plus sized ladies, don't be you know you also beautiful in your own way..God create women as a beautiful creature on earth, we are pretty inside if we believe we are..wink! wink!

My tips is, do not be afraid to keep trying what best on your body. Experimental everything and be crazy and fun, but do consider your size..or else you make it even polka dots, be tribal, be bold..wear red lips, or thick eyeliner..

I come to this site, they offer a lot of plus sized dress, cardi and all..all the cute outfit and the accessories.. Go check them out..

Friday, 22 June 2012

The night when I decide to bring my Ghost out on a Date

I don't know why I like to wear red recently..
And my Ghost just say hi for the girls out there!
He still single

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shop! Shop!

Salam all sisters..

I kinda blank when someone ask me to suggest where to shop..I go like 'erkk okeh..what should i tell her..Brain please don't play dead with stressssed outtt..*faint' ( actually im laughing coz i don't have the answer to her question, and makes me look dumb, why la im so calling my blog as a fashion blog if i don't know to suggest where to shop ~sigh~)

Mostly, I inspired by a vintage looks..this vintage and rarely item is hard to find, yes..there is too many boutique selling a vintage clothes, we call it 'new vintage' (I will explain it later, what is 'new vintage') It easy to be honest I myself only shop in bundle..T.T

hokeh..I give few links and this few links is selling and old stuff and produced no more of them is our boutique..


Which I don't have their profile picture..haha

Happy shopping sistah! don't shop till your drop..Just do the shop not the drop..haha

Saturday, 9 June 2012

HFW day7- Style Crush

My style crush is between Nadya and Mya..(oh so sad..this is the last HFW going to follow your blog, so we can keep in touch and see you in the next HFW..*please hurry come next HFW!) haha

 This is Mya DIY turban

And this my DIY turban
(Bunga wearing her favorite Tom and Jerry shirt)

this is Nadya looks
High waist pants
button shirt
long cardi
big bag
pump shoes

and combine this two,
I get..
Im wearing button shirt
high waist pants
big bag
Long cardi
and a pump shoes
With a turban

Love,Love,Love and Love from me,

Friday, 8 June 2012

HFW day6- Date Night

I don't have a date night with mr.Hubby..only a shopping night with him..haha..since i got two kids, it's hard to date with him, but I'll take anything just to go out with him, and this is the night when we shopping for a shoes..haha..

wearing electric color shirt
white cardi
electric pink
Darling shades (bought it in antique store*produce no more)
square hijab, wearing it as turban

Thursday, 7 June 2012

HFW day5- Special Occasions

Every special occasions i go, i always wear black..nothing can go wrong when you wear black..haha..I just play safe in every occasion

Black chiffon
Black shirt 
Black pants

Sunday, 3 June 2012

HFW Day 4 - Travel Destinations

I want to wear something simple to go here and there fast, travel is catch up flight, cabs, or by walk to find place to go..with two kids, I should wear pants..

I'll be wearing a very simple like this

And go mint

White lace cardi
Green polka dot shirt
Duo color polka dot scarf (green/white)
Mint pants
Brown pumps shoes


Saturday, 2 June 2012

HFW day3- Time Travel

I am trying to bring you all to

This 60's era..see my mom there..she is a teacher..the only female teacher in this school..
In this era they all wearing 
This kind of dress..pretty and cute yah..

heh! after all poses, i realize I forgot sweeping my floor..grr!! lazy mom! dush! dush! dush!

This lazy mom wearing a long chiffon cardigan
with a flowery dress
and brown leather loafer