Friday, 30 March 2012

Bundle with me

Like I promise you guys, I will teach you how to teach isn't a fit word, I will 'tell' you guys..haha..
Like some of friends having a trouble to make a deal with the dealers..ya ya I know, they a one tough dealer..siap ble buat muka garang like 'this is my price, you like or not'..hahaha..But I used to this kind of face..u tough and I'm tougher..hahaha..handle this situation, I used to make myself buruk2 cuma, wear something simple, not showing to much, if you have to wear slippers then wear slippers..

Make sure you have small money, and don't give them RM50, if you got a lot of RM1 even better..If they saw u got the blue money they will go 'uuhh..why bargain if u got's only rm18 la..' Rm18 is still expensive for a bundlers..RM10 for second hand stuff is okay..I used to buat muka 10'cannot ka maci?, I only got rm5 in my wallet..rm5 la maci can??' haha..It always work for me..sometimes if she don't agree with my price I just walk away, yup, it's hurt when you found something rare but you have to let go..But it will teach the dealers that their stuff isn't attractive at all to me *while dalam hati sepa tau..haha But no worries, you loss this time you will find something else next time..And the jual mahal thing mesti ada dlm diri..Sometimes I just go like' hemm maci sampai tua la ko bejual, klu begitu harga kau bagi, surely no one will buy..' everyone there will go agree with you..believe me!

Sometimes I make friend with them, sambil pilih2 and chitchat..while chitchat I'll do the bargain..haha..If they become your friend easy for you next time, you don't have to bargain, they will give you a good price, sometimes they will stock it for you the New stuff *we used to call it Barang Baru or Buka baru

Sometimes, when you see something you really like, first you ask for price, when they tell you their price, you ask if can go lower, If they cut RM 2 from the first price, then you check *example bags, you check the bag condition, if got torn anywhere, if the color faded, or the zip is off..tell the dealer about the condition, and give them your price.. if first price is rm15, then after the bargain she give you rm13, you ask her for RM8..that's your price!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Honey You got to find me another size

Every pregnant woman having a same problem, want to look hot while pregnant, same as me..I always having a problem to find a size..well, you know..preggers quite big yo! Yes there is a lot of maternity clothes design specialy for preggers, but it's look dull, and it always look the's a longgg 9 months for me..

I give you some of ideas to styling our belly..haha..

We can wear Bohemian style, because its an oversize style for an oversize mom..

Better wear black dress if u not comfort with your body changing..yalah..big there, big here..haha..I kindly use this color to cover my figure..

You can wear this kind of dress, full with detail, it cover your bump and your figure..for this 9 months better wear long dress style it with cardi or jacket, so you not looking so dull and fat..haha..

 Look! Angie wearing Abaya looks pretty on her..

Im wearing Abaya too..weeee..

Im feeling safe with dark color..

Like I said early, better wear long dress, it's hard to find a comfy pants for pregnant woman..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Oh no! a face

Did I scared you guys off with this shirt..hahaha..
I found this shirt in bargain market, which is im not going to argue with this aunt coz this shirt is only for rm3..I don't have to tawar2 la..what I love about this shirt is got face la..haha..if you don't like my face, surely you rather to look at the other face..haha..
Im shopping for kids stuff, and trying to be simple..I just wear Ipanema slippers..

Here comes the bride, All dress in white

Every time I got wedding invitation, I kindly like dreaming for a while..ohh..white dress, a long veil, how pretty I look..ohh..Im smiling, Im waving to people, they shouted my name (eh..itu pricess ngok ngek!) hahaha..Are you always imagine about wedding every time got invitation? ( are married Lina! Your day is over..)

A long train veil, a white dress..but why always white?? Is that a some of wedding color? Why not blue, Why not color it up..oh why dress, why kebaya songket, why puffy wedding gown? why? why? haha..(Im wearing kebaya songket at my wedding because my mum want me too, more traditional her said..)

Put your imagination on something else, be somewhere else, try indian style, try Abaya..or try anything to be different to put in your own moment..

Imagine you are princess, Arabian princesses, wearing this kind of wedding dress..
Be bold and fierce..

Or wear pink like this

or try pastel color

I try to sketch my own wedding gown, and the tailor ruined it for me..maybe because of my sketches is to ugly and the tailor cannot understand what im trying to sketch..haha  

Oversized Style

Have you ever heard about Oversized.Well, it's IN now..You can put on your dad shirt, your brother shirt on or your husband shirt one cares..(only don't put your boyfie shirt on, you still don't know him thattt muchhhh..maybe he got infection he won't tell..hahaha)

Some of the oversize pants

Some of the Oversize Top and Cardi

Well like I said, today fashion they just don't care about what you wearing, don't be afraid to experiment thing, well who knows maybe someone will come to you and ask you, 'eh, how to wear it like you haa..' 
You can go out there and buy something extra large even though you are in S size..cover it up is still nice..

Im wearing a long cardi
a shirt with a chain detail (I bought it for rm5 from bundle Likas, Kota Kinabalu)
A palazzo Jeans I bought it for rm5, from Bundle Beluran, Sandakan)
You can be sloppy sometime, who cares?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Im wearing an oversize shirt with a peacock detail, it's only rm5
Matched it with a black Cardi, I bought 3 cardi for rm10
It's all from Bundle Kampong Air, Kota Kinabalu.
and wearing a Land Rover shoes
 i bought for rm15 in thrift market Kolombong
My last post about head scarves, I tell you guys I will experimenting another style for my head scarves aight?   
And I just remember how my odu (nenek/grandma) use to lilit2 the kain Sarong to their head, everytime going to sawah, or going to kebun sayur to protect their head from the heat of the sun..Then I just do it the same thing..ngeh! and I kinda like it!..

Monday, 26 March 2012


Bundle is a place you go where everything is secondhand, some of it have brand like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and so much more..some of it, is a rare item..Owh, yesterday i bought a Land Rover leather Loafer shoe in Bundle..Ahaii!! I like like love it! haha..

You can bargain for a best price..but I don't think KL bundle same as our bundle here in Sabah..KL bundle more like boutique, here they only use a tent..

This is Bundle Semporna, Sabah,
 They do have Shoes Bundle
Clothing Bundle
Bag Bundle
In different place

You have to go through all and be precisely, until you found something you like, then you can bargain for best price..

 I bought this skirt only for RM 1
I love the pattern, it looks like Mongolian native pattern
 I bought the jacket only for RM 5

this shirt only for rm 5
Same goes to the Black pants
For the leather bag, I bought it only for RM 20, (where else you can find a good quality leather for this price)

I been KL twice.Everytime I go there, I always ask my friend if got bundle there, she bring me to the uptown, and I felt's not just a place where you can find a cheap stuff and no secondhand stuff..Then my sister told me there is second hand shop in bukit's called BUNTIL..We go there, and guess what, they got everything from the clothes to the shoe to the bags..but mostly men's wear la..

Lacoste L33 one of a kind

Dr Martens

on the other side, there is another second hand shop, it's Called 6T's..What I like about this boutique, they got a lot of vintage and rare item..from the bags, to the shoes..For the vintage lovers you should go there..owh ..they also got online shop..
click the link:

Some of the Item you can find in 6T's shop..
When you talk about bundle, you will be talking about rare and these bags..

Some of my friends always ask me, 'eh how to bundle aa..' 'eh..teach me ba how to know good stuff and good brand' well..Im bundling since im a teenager until now, but today im not teen anymore..haha.. 
Some of them asking me how to bargain..I just tell them, tawar macam kita tawar ikan di pasar tuh..if they not giving u a best price just move on..but sometimes I just said to them ' ko jual2 mahal pun blum tentu org mo bli..' then I just walk away let him think for himself..haha..Next time..I will tell you guys how to bargain my way..hahahaha..

Head scarves

Trying to find myself my own assignment to do for my new blog, something just pop up in my head, I have to write about head scarves, well, im wearing scarves..yes there is a lot of tutorial how to wear it in youtube..head scarves is one of a hit for today fashion..

I just pick some of style we can try it on and be inspired..I might try it on later!! haha
(click on the caption, it will link you to the post)

And down here, A turban by me Inspired by Arabian thief story ..

I will experimenting other style..hope you like it! tnQ..


My name is Lina Ramsah. And this is my Fashion Blog, Well, Im not expert in doing a fashion blog, I don't know much about brand and high fashion,I only shared what I like to wear and what I like to do, that's why I call this blog as Lemari much more like my closet, but it much smaller than Kimora Lee Simmons closet..haha

As much as I love bundle, that much I love Vintage..This is none color blocking, branded thingy, expensive kind of fashion..haha..but I'll do my best to give you the best..and will sharing my experimentation to you guys..ngeh..~daa~