Monday, 26 March 2012


Bundle is a place you go where everything is secondhand, some of it have brand like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and so much more..some of it, is a rare item..Owh, yesterday i bought a Land Rover leather Loafer shoe in Bundle..Ahaii!! I like like love it! haha..

You can bargain for a best price..but I don't think KL bundle same as our bundle here in Sabah..KL bundle more like boutique, here they only use a tent..

This is Bundle Semporna, Sabah,
 They do have Shoes Bundle
Clothing Bundle
Bag Bundle
In different place

You have to go through all and be precisely, until you found something you like, then you can bargain for best price..

 I bought this skirt only for RM 1
I love the pattern, it looks like Mongolian native pattern
 I bought the jacket only for RM 5

this shirt only for rm 5
Same goes to the Black pants
For the leather bag, I bought it only for RM 20, (where else you can find a good quality leather for this price)

I been KL twice.Everytime I go there, I always ask my friend if got bundle there, she bring me to the uptown, and I felt's not just a place where you can find a cheap stuff and no secondhand stuff..Then my sister told me there is second hand shop in bukit's called BUNTIL..We go there, and guess what, they got everything from the clothes to the shoe to the bags..but mostly men's wear la..

Lacoste L33 one of a kind

Dr Martens

on the other side, there is another second hand shop, it's Called 6T's..What I like about this boutique, they got a lot of vintage and rare item..from the bags, to the shoes..For the vintage lovers you should go there..owh ..they also got online shop..
click the link:

Some of the Item you can find in 6T's shop..
When you talk about bundle, you will be talking about rare and these bags..

Some of my friends always ask me, 'eh how to bundle aa..' 'eh..teach me ba how to know good stuff and good brand' well..Im bundling since im a teenager until now, but today im not teen anymore..haha.. 
Some of them asking me how to bargain..I just tell them, tawar macam kita tawar ikan di pasar tuh..if they not giving u a best price just move on..but sometimes I just said to them ' ko jual2 mahal pun blum tentu org mo bli..' then I just walk away let him think for himself..haha..Next time..I will tell you guys how to bargain my way..hahahaha..


  1. Lina, i want a new handbag laa, bundle also hehee

  2. haha..bkn new la nang, second..hahaha..

  3. dlu time d sdkn x gila mau beli baju2 bundle.sbb takut kena gatal2. paling2 pigi bundle beli beg jak. tp since d sni gila pula m'beli d sni bundlenya mcm butik.paling murah pn rm10.huhh! tp kn...thn ni bru aku jmpa port baik pya, baju secondhand rm1,rm2, 3/rm10..branded lg tu..trus t'beliak mata ku meninguk, trus aku x takut gatal2....trus aku beli lah!

    1. itu psl, aku tanya kwn, if ada bundle sna, dia bw pigi pasar mlm, skali round2 tingu brg, mmg btul la mura, tp brg dr thailand..aku bundle dr remaja, masa remaja, patung pun bli bundle..hahaha