Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Im wearing an oversize shirt with a peacock detail, it's only rm5
Matched it with a black Cardi, I bought 3 cardi for rm10
It's all from Bundle Kampong Air, Kota Kinabalu.
and wearing a Land Rover shoes
 i bought for rm15 in thrift market Kolombong
My last post about head scarves, I tell you guys I will experimenting another style for my head scarves aight?   
And I just remember how my odu (nenek/grandma) use to lilit2 the kain Sarong to their head, everytime going to sawah, or going to kebun sayur to protect their head from the heat of the sun..Then I just do it the same thing..ngeh! and I kinda like it!..


  1. Well, dear.. Your odu was definitely a fashionista at her time!

    1. there is no fashionista when you in the middle of sawah bendang..haha..