Thursday, 29 March 2012

Honey You got to find me another size

Every pregnant woman having a same problem, want to look hot while pregnant, same as me..I always having a problem to find a size..well, you know..preggers quite big yo! Yes there is a lot of maternity clothes design specialy for preggers, but it's look dull, and it always look the's a longgg 9 months for me..

I give you some of ideas to styling our belly..haha..

We can wear Bohemian style, because its an oversize style for an oversize mom..

Better wear black dress if u not comfort with your body changing..yalah..big there, big here..haha..I kindly use this color to cover my figure..

You can wear this kind of dress, full with detail, it cover your bump and your figure..for this 9 months better wear long dress style it with cardi or jacket, so you not looking so dull and fat..haha..

 Look! Angie wearing Abaya looks pretty on her..

Im wearing Abaya too..weeee..

Im feeling safe with dark color..

Like I said early, better wear long dress, it's hard to find a comfy pants for pregnant woman..

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  1. I've alwiz loved pregnant moms. They look so pretty. The skin glows even more. Really wanna get preggy again after 8 years..