Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Oversized Style

Have you ever heard about Oversized.Well, it's IN now..You can put on your dad shirt, your brother shirt on or your husband shirt one cares..(only don't put your boyfie shirt on, you still don't know him thattt muchhhh..maybe he got infection he won't tell..hahaha)

Some of the oversize pants

Some of the Oversize Top and Cardi

Well like I said, today fashion they just don't care about what you wearing, don't be afraid to experiment thing, well who knows maybe someone will come to you and ask you, 'eh, how to wear it like you haa..' 
You can go out there and buy something extra large even though you are in S size..cover it up is still nice..

Im wearing a long cardi
a shirt with a chain detail (I bought it for rm5 from bundle Likas, Kota Kinabalu)
A palazzo Jeans I bought it for rm5, from Bundle Beluran, Sandakan)
You can be sloppy sometime, who cares?


  1. aku suka style ni. style dlu2 pakai bju besar2.smpai baju sekolah pn mau besar2 smpai sapu lantai.hihi.lepas tu dtg pula style nda cukup d pakai jg,singkat sana sini ;p mcm2 dunia.....
    owh! rindu palazzo ko d sdkn. :( biar sdh kuyak d tampal & d pakai lg.c acing yg belikn.kihkih. tp palazzo mu tu mmg semaartt rm5 mn mo dpt itu hrga ooo..

    mood : mau minta tu palazzo mu bulih ka?hahaha.

  2. paki baju besar aku sempat, pkai kain singkat pun aku sempat..haha..kebetulan aku nmpk, masa tuh ndada pun org peduli sluar tuh begantung..haha

  3. Salam kenal.. I call this oversized thingy Loose @ Boho Hijabi. Love it to bits. Suka, baa..

    1. haha..besar is more elok ba..haha