Sunday, 12 June 2016

What For Raya?

Smile purple it's time to show some action this raya. Oh..I am not a fan of purple. But fall for it. Love! Love! Loving it!

*google image*

Beachy Mood

Black Pashmina
Long Batwing Top
Beach Pants
AuthenticVintage Leather Travel Bag
Dr. Marten Ankle Boots

Monday, 14 March 2016



It's been a while didn't talk about fashion. The passion is still there, only hands are full with mom things. Found out my Lookbook seems like got problem. Have to make a new one. *Wish I got crying emoticon to express how I felt*

Going to start from zero there in Lookbook. *Sad face*

And later i'm going to talk about 2016 color scheme.

~Stay tune!!

Need to fix my new Lookbook first.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

#OOTD 6 Months Pregnancy

6 months pregnancy

Long black cardigan
Long dress
Black scarf 
Vintage leather shoes
Floral Sunglasses from Coffee and Bling 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Dress To Impress

The simple thing woman can do to herself is groom well, dress well. We sould put on the best version of our self. That is how we gain respect from other people. Woman at my age, some do care about how they look, but some not having that much interest. Maybe because they are too busy with their own life, kids, work, husband or house chores. Yup, woman got a lot of things too handle. Sleepless life of me since having a kids. But life is great! haha. You have to have a plan and a list of what to do first. And for me, a soundless and calmness early morning to meditate for bringing the positive energy in me with an extra strong coffee (I use to run early morning, but since pregnant, I just meditate myself, how? *Exhale and inhale then think about how improve life) Easy.

So this is the groom well and dress well version of me.

I love the fact that these four item make me look flawless but not too heavy on the face. 
And It's not going to change the fact that I'm getting old with those wrinkles..pfft!..haha

Woman got a lot of shoes..When you ask them which one is your favorite? all the hundreds or more is their favorite. Well woman do love shoes so much. But these two is my favorite. When you said, suit up! I will go wear leather shoes with everything. A shiny one.
Wear 1 inch heels, or 2 inch heels or more inch heels or with no heels as long its a shoes. And make all man around you feel head over heels, and make your man feel he is the lucky one for having you.

4 Months pregnant

5 Months pregnant

Dress well means, dress proper suit to your age. And i'm 33 years old and a mom, I use to keep it simple. If you can keep it classy through every stage in your life, well done to you! Your husband is the luckiest person on earth.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


We complain much about everything. Early trimester, I keep complain how I cannot eat proper over my morning sickness, I complain my back hurt, I complain everything and everyone smell bad, I complain over my sleep routine changing, I complain no clothes fit me, I complain about people who loves to complain others. I can get away with hormone changing excuses if I want. haha. But then with a rational and calm mind. I question myself, Am I turning myself to ungrateful person? I have everything I want. Some people even die trying to be happy. I am a happy person. God give me this gift to be a happy person who can laugh even in my very sad moment, and I can make people laugh at his/her sad moment. Didn't I see this? I'm a happy person. I can be oh so sad, but I can easily turn it to positive things. While I'm whining about all this thing. There is a person or two, who really dying to get pregnant, who trying so hard for a years. There is a person really want to have a child of her own, but her mr. Right still not show up until she turn 30 or more. And i'm here complain about everything. There is a couple really want a child of their own but they just can't because of their financial problem. I'm here complain about everything and everyone is smell bad, then my husband bought a lot of air freshener, and to get rid of everyone odor he even bought me all the expensive perfume to make my smell even stronger than anyone else. Hahaha..and here I am still complain. I complain about how I cannot eat everything, he try so hard giving me the best food, bring me to all buffet around KK, bring back food I'm craving for. And here I am still complain.

All I am saying, we love to complain everything. Some single people complain about their 2k-3k salary. Cannot survive until end of month. How they have to looking for a side income. But there it goes with their fancy and imported car, and all the expensive gadgets which is they pay for every month. It's all about fancy and posh lifestyle. They forgot about having all this for sure come with only hard work. You want everything come to your life, but you not work that hard to get it. You will stay there and complain more. Questioning why this why that. And someday somehow you blame others. 

You keep dreaming about 'when I become rich, all I want to do is put my feet on the table' well dear, to be rich is to work hard. Rich people is the busiest bee on earth. They work hard, only sometime they enjoy a bottle of champagne but still in their mind is about how to move forward. Not like you. All you think is put your feet one the table and how to spend your money if you're rich. Complain more it will not bring you close to success in life. 

Count the blessing you have a long the way. Count how much love you have from your family and friends. Some people die trying. If you still have a chance to put your feet on the table and read your favorite books. I think you're okay with life. I'm okay with my life when I still can laugh in my worst day. And once a while read my favorite books. Do you familiar with Anne Frank? a 14 years old, who enjoy her life with writing? Even in a war and hiding from enemies, she still keep continue writing for a good things happen in her life.

Allah blessed me with everything I have in life. For the things I did and for the thing i had. For making me as a stay at home mom. For the third will come on the December. For the two adorable kids. For a very supportive husband in everything I do. For having I Love Oldies to keep me busy. 

Friday, 2 May 2014

Hey! Hey!

Venue: SRK Shan Tao
Hannah Sport Day

Officially 4 weeks pregnant. Getting big with nothing to wear. 
Wearing my husband's shirt
A Western shirt with stone button (Going to wear my boyfriend's shirt until buy new one fits me)
Back to my stretchable black pants, the only pants fit me for now.
 Wearing Adidas Neo shoes.

Will be with me for the whole 9 months..We will kicking with style.
Adidas Neo, Porcelain flowers.