Friday, 2 May 2014

Hey! Hey!

Venue: SRK Shan Tao
Hannah Sport Day

Officially 4 weeks pregnant. Getting big with nothing to wear. 
Wearing my husband's shirt
A Western shirt with stone button (Going to wear my boyfriend's shirt until buy new one fits me)
Back to my stretchable black pants, the only pants fit me for now.
 Wearing Adidas Neo shoes.

Will be with me for the whole 9 months..We will kicking with style.
Adidas Neo, Porcelain flowers.


  1. salam kenal..

    apa je yg dipakai, asal kita sipemakai rasa selesa kan... :-)

    1. walaikumsalam,
      Selagi kita rasa selesa, 9 months tidak lama sangat..haha