Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Here comes the bride, All dress in white

Every time I got wedding invitation, I kindly like dreaming for a while..ohh..white dress, a long veil, how pretty I look..ohh..Im smiling, Im waving to people, they shouted my name (eh..itu pricess ngok ngek!) hahaha..Are you always imagine about wedding every time got invitation? ( are married Lina! Your day is over..)

A long train veil, a white dress..but why always white?? Is that a some of wedding color? Why not blue, Why not color it up..oh why dress, why kebaya songket, why puffy wedding gown? why? why? haha..(Im wearing kebaya songket at my wedding because my mum want me too, more traditional her said..)

Put your imagination on something else, be somewhere else, try indian style, try Abaya..or try anything to be different to put in your own moment..

Imagine you are princess, Arabian princesses, wearing this kind of wedding dress..
Be bold and fierce..

Or wear pink like this

or try pastel color

I try to sketch my own wedding gown, and the tailor ruined it for me..maybe because of my sketches is to ugly and the tailor cannot understand what im trying to sketch..haha