Friday, 8 June 2012

HFW day6- Date Night

I don't have a date night with mr.Hubby..only a shopping night with him..haha..since i got two kids, it's hard to date with him, but I'll take anything just to go out with him, and this is the night when we shopping for a shoes..haha..

wearing electric color shirt
white cardi
electric pink
Darling shades (bought it in antique store*produce no more)
square hijab, wearing it as turban


  1. U look good in that turban and shades!

  2. sis may i ask, where do you always shop actually? might suggests some place to us?

    1. salam SimplySeoul,
      Haha..i don't know how to suggest people to go to bundle..I always do a shopping thingy in bundle..

      but I do have bundle on9 boutique if you like what you see on me..
      slowly i will put some muslimah friendly wear..

      this is the link,