Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shop! Shop!

Salam all sisters..

I kinda blank when someone ask me to suggest where to shop..I go like 'erkk okeh..what should i tell her..Brain please don't play dead with me..im stressssed outtt..*faint' ( actually im laughing coz i don't have the answer to her question, and makes me look dumb, why la im so calling my blog as a fashion blog if i don't know to suggest where to shop ~sigh~)

Mostly, I inspired by a vintage looks..this vintage and rarely item is hard to find, yes..there is too many boutique selling a vintage clothes, we call it 'new vintage' (I will explain it later, what is 'new vintage') It easy to find..to be honest I myself only shop in bundle..T.T

hokeh..I give few links and this few links is selling and old stuff and produced no more item..one of them is our boutique..


Which I don't have their profile picture..haha

Happy shopping sistah! don't shop till your drop..Just do the shop not the drop..haha


  1. assalamualaikum sister:) thanks for sharing thoose shop, while I do love vintage things hihii, I've follow your blog mind to follow me back :)

    warm greetings
    Ian Afifah

    1. walaikumusalam,
      i will follow you back..:)