Tuesday, 11 September 2012

'Old' vintage and 'New' vintage

Vintage of course it's old item..what is year range for vintage item? it's between 1920 to 1960 is consider vintage, others just retro.(I found it in the internet)

So I googled more (I googled almost everything including my name..hahaha..aiyaa..I got no job maa..) So I become more understand how's the OLD Vintage and the NEW vintage works. It bring the same outcome.and Im going to tell you the differences

just like this picture

You are looking at the vintage fashion, everything is so vintage,the hair, the shoes, the outfit itself but...
 is this vintage clothes? 
No, this is Sonia Rykel's resort 2011 vintage inspired collection

So what we call for the NEW vintage? we called it as Retro. Retro is all about the old look and combined it with a new look, but the material, the fabric is more new and modern. Only the pattern  (imitate certain era) is OLD. The good thing is, the fabric is more strong and modernize.

OLD vintage known as Vintage, is authentic means they actual come from some other era either from 1920 or any era between 1920 to 1960. Mostly vintage are second hand, some with brand are wayyyyyyyy to expensive due to produce no more item. since it come from some other era, either from our mom's era or our grandparent's era, you know the fabric is to fragile, you have to handle it with care. The value of it may drop due to effort in restoration (a minor restoration is okay) the best thing about Vintage is they are actual characterised from another period.

 these what you called vintage, a midi dress back in the 60's era

I wore the same pattern midi dress

me and my sister also got online shop for midi dress and skirt (vintage thingy)

you can visit here


  1. Love your long floral printed dress.
    Great look :)

    LOVE BO,