Monday, 31 March 2014

How To Spot Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags

If you a thriftier hardcore, I want to teach you on how to check authentic Louis Vuitton. When thrifting, I always stumbled to many bags with brand, some fake, some are not. Sometimes, it's not fair for some when they buy and the seller put unreasonable price for the fake one. Yes, you may say the seller themselves don't know either the bags are fake or not. Pity for people who buy fake for rm300.

So here I give you some tips on how to spot the real Louis Vuitton.

1. When thrifting, you should bring your smartphone, any collection of branded bags will be IN THE CATALOG regardless the year it manufactured. It always always always be in their catalog . Check for the serial number too, all bags have a serial number. Since now, a fake bag also have serial number, just don't simply believe the serial number without check them in the internet.

2. For a world class brand like Louis Vuitton, has been in production since 1854, of course the material they use is best from the best. It will not come cheap.The tag will always hot-stamp on the leather. How to detect original leather or not? well leather thick and though. Fake will use Vinyl, vinyl is not real leather, you can peel the skin or paint off..
 This is the vinyl material. one day, the white color will peel-off. So this is not a real Louis Vuitton

3. Check for the embossed 'Louis Vuitton made in france' inside. It always have to be hot-stamp on leather, and the TT's in Vui'tt'on should not touch together, and the 'O' in Louis Vuitton should be round. Not 'o' or '0' the 'O' should perfectly round. 

4. Check for the stitch, as the world known best bags, the stitch will be perfect without flaw. No overlapping stitch. 

 When come to stitching, Louis Vuitton is perfectionist with it stitch, one thing to check is, the handle stitch, it should be 5 stitch across top of the monogram, and the monogram always in the same size in any Louis Vuitton's bags. ANY. 

5. oh..and the zippy, check either have a problem on unzipped and zipping, it should be smooth.

Look for zip logo, if rough like the first one in the photo, it's a fake. It should be smooth surface.

6. Erm..what else..hahaha..I cannot think straight because I just found out the bags I bargain is vintage LV, just snatched from my hand by a friend..hahaha. oh..all LV bags, never have a cut monogram pattern, it always stitch back together perfectly. 

Like this, the monogram logo will be attached nicely.

I bargained this for a friend
and it's in catalog here,

And for this vintage LV clutch..oh my! you make me can't sleep..I blame myself.

It's sale on E-bay too.

Okay, mind my face, I look terrible that day after whole day standing selling vintage dress for Bazzar Music Festival.  
And LV's bag the one my friend holding is in original LV too..
It's in

And oh friend sale his LV
you can check it out here

I will continue with how to spot the fake and authentic bag for other brand next time..:)

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