Saturday, 14 December 2013


So my little flower will start her school session next year. I am kind in between, emotional, excited and afraid for the same time. Too many thing inside this mother head. 'What if?' keep playing in my head.

And this is the first time for my Bunga to be with the kids in her age, and first time for her learn about what how to get along with kids in her age. Seriously I am sad and jealous, since i am the only friend she got before this. haha..(not really she's got her little brother and dad too)

The feeling of letting her go to her real life is almost like a nightmare to me. I kinda think of her going to pre-school, then primary then secondary then married..oh my! *Im crying inside..:(

Hannah will be 5 years old next year. But still I kendong her like a baby sometimes..She is growing to fast..

She sing to ABC song..and she put her own word at the end of the song, and i'm like proud of her.
it should be 'Now I know my ABC, happy happy will I be' she changed it to 'now I know my ABC, next time will you sing with me' actually she whispered me those lyrics..And it makes me cry..

You always be my baby. (Actually I cry at the cashier counter when we buy her school bag, and some school stuff, and I cry a lot see her put all together from bag to shoes..I guess I'll be crying all day on her very first day at school..phew!)

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