Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sapi Island

Last Monday me and family had an awesome trip to Sapi island. I never thought our Borneo got a lot to offer with a jaw dropping view. I praised the Lord for the beautiful scenery lay in front of our eyes.

While us waiting for the boat.

 Mr.Asri is our boatman, he was a very simple, friendly and down to earth person, he owned a boat company, which all the resort rent his boat just to pick up tourist and resort staffs from the mainland to an island. when he knew this is our very first visit to the island, he gave us a tour from Gaya island village to the open sea, he said usually he bring the tourist direct to Sapi island, but this time around he want to give us a very special tour. How nice of him.

So this is Gaya Island village. For some house far away from the land, a bit isolated. I guess they want some privacy.

So this is the school. It's a primary school for Gaya Island village. It facing the magnificent view of the open sea and blue water. Got over 1k student. Some from the mainland, so they also used Mr. Asri boat services to take them from the mainland and send them back to the mainland after school.

This is the mosque, side by side with Gaya Island's school. Got another mosque at the back, because gaya island village was too big.

A way to Gaya Island Resort, where my sisters work. One as a commis 1, and one as a naturalist.

And this is Gaya Island resort won by YTL company, I hope I'll have a chance to stay there and do snorkeling. ( Snorkeling for the first time and fell in love ever since)

This is a Tavajun private beach of Gaya Island Resort. It really isolated and private. Far from the Gaya Island Resort itself.

Continue the journey to the open sea.

You only can find this view if you use a way to the open sea. (Maybe you can suggest your boatman to use the exit to the open sea. ;)

And finally, this is Sapi Island. 

I will continue write about Sapi island and with my family photo, I'm waiting for my under water film to be done. :)

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