Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's My Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday, actually I wish a day for myself. Pampering myself from head to toe and a time alone for the whole day. All I imagined a spa and sauna, manicure/ pedicure, dine alone and alone in the hotel, watch TV while on the bed, soaking in a hot bathtub (I only can imagined) It's been a long time I don't have a time for myself. (I wish)

Things make me happy is when I got a lot of wishes from new and old friends in twitter, whatapps and facebook. So I want to thank everyone for the beautiful wishes. Some wished me 'may your dream come true', yet I think, yes my dream did came true. Seeing beautiful faces, beautiful heart, beautiful places, and having a beautiful things in life is my dream. Only I hope I will see more in the future. By far my life is great. I hope God will keep my life like this forever.

So last night, my husband bring me to dinner, it was a birthday dinner. He ask for me to pick any restaurant, then I picked Table No.1. It just because they have vintage and English kind of atmosphere.

Husband and the kids like looking around and study the place..haha

  The table set was awesome.
 All the vintage decor make me felt like I'm special on my very special day.

 Having a cappuccino 

 Linguine Carbonara

 Classic Red Velvet

 The kids having so much fun

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